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General Rules

-you may not exceed the 2 hour time limit, but you can submit your work early, in private, to the moderator hosting the Round.

-you can use whatever methods you like to make your wall. Magic Wand extraction for one thing is quite acceptable; actually we have no rule that the scan has to be extracted.

-you can use any part of the scan to make your wall.

-please, just make sure the final wall is safe for everyone to view.

Scan Rules

-the scan should fit everyone's tastes (meaning no extreme ecchi, no yaoi and no yuri)
-try and pick an active scan; still, 'character-introduction' type scans are hard to use

How to Join

-email a moderator; Danalm/Kurip at zetsubou.nekomin(at) or Tsu at tsushigemi(at)

How a Round works

-before each Round, all members can submit scan suggestions in the comments section of the previous Round blog post. You can suggest up to 3.

-Then, around 10 minutes before the round officially begins, everyone who wants to participate in the Round gathers in a big MSN Messenger group conversation and we vote on which scan to use. You can vote for up to 2 scans.

-After a scan is chosen, someone will then upload it to an external host so all the members can download it for free.

-After the moderator gives the 'Start' signal, the members have 120 minutes (aka 2 hrs) to finish. Extra time is given for uploading, but not too much. The final entry is submitted in private to the moderator hosting the Round via MSN.

-After receiving all the entries, the moderator will then post everything to the 120 War blog.

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Comment by sakurab on February 28, 2008 at 2:37 AM

woot! now its official 2hr warground site! :D 120min makes it sound better though, lol!
*serious face*
let the war begin =__=

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