Round 6

5/13/2009 07:09:00 PM / Posted by Tsunoh /

Four-way war. This one was…. lulz. Rizu suggested a Remilia (Touhou) scan, then Dan backed out, refusing to ruin ‘the perfection of’ said scan.

Thinking back, he had a point. This round turned out weirdly. xD scan was FREAKING HARD

Scan: from the Last Show artbook by Missing-Link (it’s not on AP, so no link)


Rizu click

Taku click

Tida click

Tsu click


Allow me to explain why. I've joined this... or better saying, im one of the founders of this project, after i retired, i've participated less on this event, however the times i still try to choose/vote/suggest one scan that can give the maximum of ideas as possible.

As so this week, when the scan, wasnt as hard as tsu said, but the range for any creativity was simply small, as everyone can see, the entries are simply similar to each other. Plus, with the elements on the artwork being on full harmony with eachother i refused to participate on this week to respect to the artist and his artwork. Ruining other people works isnt the original idea of the 120 project.

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Comment by Taku on May 14, 2009 at 5:43 AM

yea our purpose is not to ruin the perfection of scans. However it's not hurt to try and enhance beauty of scans. We never know if a scans have reached its limit of perfection or not until we tried.

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